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Get your idea in orbit

Business Plans, on demand

A good idea is valuable when it becomes a great business.

If you're thinking about creating a company, or of implementing a new product or service idea that you believe will disrupt the market, we have built the perfect launch pad for you idea, by helping you structure you project in a professional business plan.

Get a prediction on you project's potential

RocketPlan includes simple instructions to help you structure contents and obtain financial forecasts, even if you don't have any management, accounting or marketing experience. At the end of the process, you can export a PDF of your plan fully formatted in a professional way, ready to present to both investors and partners.

The entrepreneur's plan

Executive Summary

Summarize your business plan, highlighting the goal, objectives and reasons for your idea's success.


Identify your team, what your product or service is, and why you're unique at what you do.

Business Plan

Describe how your company generates profits, who is your target and all of your activities, from suppliers to client.

Marketing Plan

Name the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats present in your company's market.

Financial Plan

Determine all the necessary activities and resources to achieve your idea's objectives.


Export your business plan in a PDF document formatted in a professional way, ready to print and share.

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